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The Secret For Glorious Family Times

Thanksgiving is next week and our family will be together for 4 days.
Four glorious days!
Glorious, that is, unless I let myself become frazzled with cooking, cleaning and planning the “perfect” holiday memories. I have a choice to make. Will I become the martyr momma and wear myself out with cooking ahead of time and making sure everyone know how hard I’ve worked to make this visit memorable and filled with everyone’s favorite things?
We all wish for peaceful holiday gatherings, right? But what is the secret to enjoying those glorious family gatherings? Here’s what I’m concluding as my thoughts run rampant with preparations.
Our out of town “kids” arrive either Tuesday night or early Wednesday next week. That means we all get to have dinner together on Wednesday night. Yay! Next question, what should I make for dinner?
I mean, the possibilities are endless. It needs to be simple because of all the preparations needed for Thanksgiving dinner. It also needs to be on the light side - …

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