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Surviving Stretching Muscles

I learned today that a good friend’s child is moving with their family halfway around the world. I know it’s not unusual for children to live far away. I did it. For 14 years I lived with Tom in Africa - raising our children halfway around the world from our parents. I have one child that lives with their spouse across town and another that lives with their spouse four hours north. I can be on their doorstep in 30 minutes or less than 5 hours. For now. When mothers fall pregnant with their children, God begins a process of stretching muscles we don’t know we have. Our bellies stretch beyond imagination to hold the small bundle growing inside. That child moves our organs and makes us sleep in uncomfortable positions, then wakes us up when all we crave is rest. Muscles stretch and sometimes tear in order for that bundle to make its way out and into our eager, waiting arms. I’ve always imagined that lifting and holding our growing children explains a

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