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Oh, The Power of Teenagers and Mommas

Last Saturday I experienced deja vu with a twist.
Jordan and Kati were visiting for the weekend from Dallas. As you might imagine, my mom-heart was singing all week long, happy beyond words that all of us would be together for the Easter weekend (Nick and Josie and Tom and I live in San Antonio). We planned a jam-packed weekend - disc golf, cooking, jazz, the final four basketball games, church, more disc golf, Easter dinner - you get the picture.

One stop on Saturday was at our church's monthly devotional for the youth and family ministry. Teens and their families hold a special place in our hearts and all of us serve to some degree in this ministry. It was a bit surreal for Tom and I to be there, listening to our guest speaker surrounded by our adult kids and their spouses. It seems like yesterday that we spent every Friday evening with a group of parents trying to keep each other calm as we rode the ups and downs of our teenage parenting adventures.
Back to Saturday, though...

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