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The Giver and The Gift

In the season while our kids lived at home, I saw my job as being their God-given teacher, trainer, mentor, discipliner, encourager, and grace-giver. (Tom was, of course, my partner in all of this "er" stuff.) God entreated me to train my kids (Ephesians 6:4), to (kindly and carefully) discipline them (Proverbs 22:15), to teach them about God and his love and laws (Deuteronomy 6:1-9).

Now that they are grown, and we are in a new season, I have so many ideas roaming around in my mind. There isn't a lot of obvious direction in scripture about the relationship and roles we enjoy with our children after they are grown. Over the years, I've begun to realize that while the topic isn't a common open topic of discussion, there is an underground buzz happening all around us. Adult children lament about the relationship they have with their parents and parents often speak with frustration about their relationship with their children.

Maybe I hear more because I write abou…

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