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Conversations You Want To Have, Part 1

I remember the conversation that changed the direction of the friendship Tom and I were building. He had become my favorite person to talk to. I knew I wanted more but was afraid to hope he felt the same.

Then it happened. Instead of walking me to the door at the end of our date, Tom switched the car off and turned toward me to talk. His question was simple and straight-forward. "What are you looking for in someone you want to spend the rest of your life with?"

Six and a half months later we were married.

In the same way that conversation changed the course of my relationship with Tom, the discussions we have as a parent, and adult child often change the tenure of our relationship. Sometimes it takes one person to muster the courage to explore an uncomfortable or awkward topic before we begin to move beyond our familiar parent/child roles and engage in a more adult/adult manner.

Most of the content today comes from adult children. I learned so much from these discussions! S…

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