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5 "Simple" Ways To Enjoy The Holidays

"The Holidays" begin next week! How in the world did this year fly by so fast? Normally I prefer listening to Christmas music after Thanksgiving is over. But when I started thinking about having a successful holiday season with our adult kids, a Christmas song immediately flooded my mind. Today I want to suggest five simple ways we can enjoy our holidays this year, whether they look similar to what we are used to or not.

In thinking about this time of year and analyzing all my own feelings and reading various articles about adult children and the holidays, it struck me how much we truly live a circle of life. When I was a child, the holidays were magical - not perfect or without the occasional conflict, but full of traditions that left me warm and fuzzy, as they say.

Six months after Tom and I married, we moved to live in Nairobi, Kenya. We spent 3 years in Kenya and then 11 in South Africa. Our kids were born in Africa. From 1989 to 2003 we spent only one Christmas with ou…

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