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5 Ways To Get Ready As Your Children Become Adults

My to-do list was long when our kids prepared to leave home - one to college straight after high school and the other to work in another state for a year before making any decisions about the future.

There were dorm room items to purchase, household items and furniture to gather. Clothes, bedding, books, and supplies to pack; roads to travel; boxes and suitcases to unpack. There were good-byes to be said, tears to hold back (and shed) and memories to savor as we drove away from each of them.

I'm happy with most of what we did to prepare for our empty nest. There are, however, 5 things that would have helped as I entered this new stage of life and relationship with our maturing children.

Some insights about what our relationship was evolving toward would have been helpful those first few years. But...

I've learned that this is a sensitive subject and because it's important to protect the privacy of our adult children, we don't always feel free to talk and share.

This t…

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